asesoría actuarial para empresas

Mission and vision


Since 1998, Quibus Sociedad Profesional Actuarial has been providing advice in order to transform the private investments and savings of businesses and individuals in order to maximise their private pension schemes. Its management includes the monitoring of their pension resources. It also prepares economic, financial, actuarial and accounting appraisals.

Another attraction is that it prepares, manages and implements the right strategy in order to attain favourable legal rulings for its clients.


The mission of Quibus is to work with businesses and individuals so that they can manage their pension resources effectively, thereby optimising their profits and generating value for their managers and workers and, in general, providing a service that is professional and independent based on knowledge and experience in helping people achieve an active and positive retirement.


The professional services offered by Quibus are focused on businesses, SMEs, public authorities and anyone who is concerned about saving for retirement, including individuals, and who are searching for a professional partner and wish to receive expert personalised attention, including fees that suit their budget.


Quibus cares about both personal and professional quality. Using this vision, the company has very close relationships with clients based on mutual trust in order to propose solutions to identified and analysed problems. Similarly, the company builds relationships with the contact people at insurance and financial institutions and at public authorities, always based on independence and equality.


Quibus adopts the technical and organisational measures required to guarantee the security of personal data and to stop their alteration, loss, or unauthorised processing or access, taking into account the condition of the technology, the nature of the data and the risks to which they are exposed.


Quibus adheres to the Professional Code of Ethics of the Catalan Actuarial Association.